Aladobix ERP

is a free Enterprise resource planning system and Webstore all in a one single package. With Aladobix ERP businesses can handle all daily activities. From warehousing to invoicing with fully integrated webstore, products are available for customers in an instant!

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Free download

Free downloads

pAladobix Lite for Windows

Aladobix Lite is desktop version for windows (IE8+)

pAladobix Standard for Linux aladobix-2.0-x86.tar.gz

Aladobix standard is server package for linux, includes Aladobix WEBStore

Aladobix WebStore is fully integrated webstore in Aladobix ERP. The goal was to create webstore with customization as a first priority in mind, this is achieved with bmm's open sourced plugin component system which allows almost unlimited ways for different kind of functionality!
Aladobix arranges one solution to manage all core business segments including enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management into one single database. All information from sales and purchases are linked with warehouse in real time.
Aladobix services is for customers who don't want to bother themselves with setting up an application by themselves, but just want to concentrate on doing their business. Aladobix services helps with that by offering application hosting, application customization and more !
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Scrumix Online
Scrumix in online project and task management application service.It's main purpose is to try to make things a little bit easier handle and organize with as much simplicity as possible. And it is also free to try and use !

See scrumix demo from here. You can also register your project for free. More information is available at scrumix website.

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